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Possible Capital Electric Outages

As we mentioned in our earlier email message to you today, it is possible we could experience some additional outages this evening or tomorrow morning. As the weather continues to be extreme throughout the midsection of the country, we know this is a possibility. This possibility, as we mentioned before, is due to actions taken by our power provider Western Area Power Administration (WAPA) through direction from Southwest Power Pool (SPP).  SPP oversees the bulk electric grid and wholesale power market in the central United States on behalf of a diverse group of utilities and transmission companies in 17 states.  Their orders to ensure reliability of the electric grid must be followed by market participants that deliver power to Capital Electric Cooperative.  Outages should be of no longer duration than 45 minutes and do not need to be reported to us unless they exceed this amount of time.

We will continue to update you with information via our web site at and our Facebook/Twitter pages. If and when we hear of rolling outages in our region, we will share that information with you so you can be prepared. Because we are not in control of these outages, we don’t know what part of our system will be affected. We ask for and appreciate your patience during this time. As the weather continues to improve throughout the week, we expect this issue to be resolved.

Our office hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. In case of an outage or other emergency during evenings, weekends and holidays, call our normal business phone and our dispatch staff will respond.

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