A deserving student: Faith Harron

Faith Harron

Faith Harron is a senior at Century High School. She is also the winner of the $1,000 scholarship funded by Basin Electric Power Cooperative that Capital Electric is privileged to award to a deserving student in our service area. The interesting part about this award is that it was earned through scholastic aptitude and extracurricular achievement. However, those aspects of this award do not come close to defining the real reason Faith Harron is deserving of this recognition.

Faith is a remarkably deep and passionate young woman with experience beyond her years in many areas. She’s a writer, but not just a writer, a true novelist who has written 11 such works. She is a playwright, a poet, a newspaper reporter, a musician, a mathematician, a scientist, and so much more. She speaks Spanish nearly fluently and is currently teaching herself to speak Russian.

She has accomplished more in a mere 18 years than many people will in a lifetime. More than any of these things, she has an understanding of life that surpasses her age. “If you’re not helping people, you’re not going to change the world,” she explained while we were discussing her plans for the future. “Regardless of my major in STEM, I do plan to spend at least a few years in the Peace Corps in my future, hopefully in Thailand or the Dominican Republic.” She talks about the native people of Peru, who speak their native languages of Quechua or Aymara, and the struggles they have in a society dominated by Spanish-speaking people. “I want to teach these people to speak Spanish or English so they can communicate with the rest of the country and live better lives,” she says.

In high school, Faith competes in the Science Olympiad and Mathletes. She is hopeful that this is Century’s year to win the state title in the Olympiad. She also utilizes her science knowledge at the Gateway to Science, helping elementary students discover the amazing world of science through hands-on demonstrations. According to Faith, “You can’t learn about science strictly from reading – it’s about observation and experimentation, too.” She loves to translate her knowledge to younger children in a way they can understand.

I expected to write a story with some basic facts about an intelligent high school student who earned a scholarship. What I found myself doing instead is trying to put this young woman’s extraordinary life on paper, which was no easy task. Suffice it to say that it
was a pleasure to meet a person who has so much to offer the world and I look forward to seeing what her life will become.

The final question I posed to Faith was this: “If you could do anything in the world for one month and money was not a consideration, what would you do?” Her response, not surprisingly, was “I would make food for all of my friends and take it to them, wherever they happened to be in the world. Then I would travel around their city, let them show me around, and talk to them about their lives.” What an amazing way to look at life, through the eyes of a high school senior that is just getting started making the world a better place.

So Capital Electric thanks you, Faith, for making us proud and for giving us hope for a bright future. You competed with 12 other very qualified applicants for this scholarship. You are more than deserving of this award and we are happy we could be a small part of your future!

Faith lives in Bismarck with her parents, Paul and Candace Harron, two sisters, and one brother. She will graduate from Century High School in May. She has been accepted to several selective colleges and will likely attend Stanford University in the fall.

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