Mike Schneider Retires

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Warehouseman Mike Schneider retired after working at Capital Electric Cooperative for 37 years, checking inventory, getting quotes, comparing prices, and ordering and unloading materials.



Warehouseman Mike Schneider retires

Not too many people can say they’ve worked the same job for 37 years. Mike Schneider can — and he’s done so with pride.

The cooperative’s warehouseman since 1978, Mike has kept the yard stocked with supplies so the linemen have what they needed to build, maintain and repair the cooperative’s overhead and underground power system. Mike retired on Feb. 1, and Lead Lineman Dale Twardoski filled the position.

A Bismarck native, Mike worked as a surveyor and salesperson for various employers before taking a job with Capital Electric. Working for a cooperative appealed to him because he had a wife, Kim, and his family to support, and he wanted a stable position that would allow him to grow professionally.

While his job title stayed the same over the course of 37 years, his duties evolved with technology. He learned to be proficient on a computer, shopping for the best price of materials and making the best use of the membership’s money.

“I’ve got the vendors trained,” he says. “They know if they don’t give me a good price, they don’t get the order.”

Ron Lipp, the cooperative’s manager of engineering and operations, credits Mike for being organized and meticulous. “He always has to have everything in order,” he says.

Mike announced his retirement in December. While he’s no longer working for the cooperative, he says he intends to continue working in different capacities.

“There comes a time in your life when you have to say it’s time to do a few things that you want to do,” he shares. “I’m ready to do something different. I want to decide each morning what I’m going to do.”

Mike says one of the many things his mother taught him was to wake each morning and choose something to look forward to each day.

“Even if it’s a good meal or lunch time with your wife, just make yourself something special that day to look forward to,” he shares.

Coming to work each day at Capital Electric was one of those simple things that made him happy. He says he’ll miss the ritual of coming to work, as well as the linemen and other employees, contractors and vendors he’s worked with over the years. But he’s also excited at the prospect of starting each day trying to decide whether to fish, hunt, canoe, back-pack, take a trip to the mountains, work in the yard, build a deck, remodel in the house, prepare a nice meal for Kim before she gets home from work — or do nothing at all.

Capital Electric Cooperative thanks Mike Schneider for his 37 years of dedicated cooperative service. He is honest and kind, and a hard worker. His work ethic and friendship will be missed. Congratulations, Mike!

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