Operations manager reflects on 35 years of service

photo of Rick Dressler

Operations Manager, Rick Dressler, has reached an impressive milestone as an employee of Capital Electric Cooperative (CEC). Rick joined the cooperative on May 1, 1984, which makes him part of an elite group with 35 years of cooperative experience.

Rick has worn many different hats throughout his time at CEC. After 29 years as a lineman and a lead lineman for CEC, Rick took over as system supervisor in November 2013 when Larry Wittmayer retired. The following year, the co-op promoted Rick to
operations supervisor, a position vacated by a retiring 40-year veteran, Gordy Wiese. Following the retirement of Engineering and Operations Manager Ron Lipp in 2019, Rick accepted the position.

As operations manager, Rick is responsible for assigning tasks to the line crews and overseeing day-to-day activities within the operations department. He also manages the metering and warehouse department staff.

Rick works closely with Jeff Holzer, system supervisor and former lineworker. Together, they are responsible for handling outages, switching lines and making sure the system is running smoothly.

“It certainly helps to have co-workers like Jeff Holzer working beside me in this department,” says Rick. “Jeff is very dependable and competent in his role, and that makes my job easier.”

Rick reflects on his tenure at CEC, “Time goes by so quickly, it doesn’t seem possible I’ve been here for 35 years. The last 35 years have been a time of continual change. From the equipment we are using to the type of construction methods and materials, virtually every aspect of the industry has changed in some way, including my role in the co-op.”

He adds, “It’s been a pleasure serving CEC’s members over the past 35 years. My interaction with them is always interesting, and it’s been gratifying getting to know them and doing my part to keep the power on at their farms and homes.”

“I have a lot of great memories, having worked with a lot of good, hard-working people who are now friends of mine. As my career at CEC winds down, I will leave with a lot of great memories and the satisfaction in knowing the system is in good hands,”
he concludes.

When he’s not at work, Rick enjoys spending as much time as possible with his five grandchildren. He, and his wife, Val, are looking forward to the arrival of two more grandchildren which will be on the way soon. The couple has three sons, Travis and
his wife, Kayla; Weston and his wife, Tegan; and Ryan and his wife, Ashley. All four families live within walking distance of each other, which is something Rick appreciates very much. They all enjoy watching the grandchildren participate in baseball,
dance and other activities.

CEC appreciates the past 35 years of commitment from Rick, working hard to keep your lights on.

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