Plenum Heaters

Plenum Heaters

Capital Electric is proud to carry and promote WarmFlo Plenum Heaters manufactured by Electro Industries. We are now also carrying Thermolec Plenum Heaters. These highly efficient heaters are designed to be installed in and utilize your existing ductwork system and allow you to heat your home using electricity.

Why install a plenum heater? Major costs savings, of course! With the price of fossil fuels such as natural gas and propane skyrocketing, more and more Capital Electric members have been turning to the stability and affordability of electricity to provide their heating needs. Best of all, when used in conjunction with a secondary heating source (i.e. gas, propane) as a backup, Capital Electric gives you a special load controlled rate that is hard to pass up.

Not only is this a viable option on new homes, it is a fantastic opportunity to improve you energy costs on existing homes. Because a home's existing ductwork is used, there is minimal labor required for installation and no structural impact on the existing home.

Contact Josh or Jared in our Energy Services department today at (701) 223-1513 for a cost comparison and/or payback analysis.

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