Sean Kiesz joins engineering department

Sean Keisz

Technology has changed the way things work at Capital Electric Cooperative (CEC) over the years. Automated meter reading and monitoring has become commonplace, but it still requires qualified individuals to operate and understand the systems. Sean Kiesz of Bismarck has recently joined the engineering department at CEC as a technician. He will be working with Rich Dunn on the SCADA and TWACS systems which are in place to monitor member meter and electrical system data.

Sean has recently earned a degree in instrumentation and control at Bismarck State College and will be utilizing that expertise in his position here at CEC. “I felt like my recent education was a good match for this job as the controls piece of it fit quite well,” he explains. Also, working for a cooperative was attractive to Sean, as his wife, Angela, works for a local credit union and the family has an appreciation for the member-owned aspect of a co-op. Sean says, “I did some research on Capital Electric and I was impressed with their values and liked that they served member-owners in our local area.”

While Sean’s education has prepared him to work at CEC, his background has prepared him for much more than just this job. In fact he’s probably lived more in 37 years than most people will in a lifetime.

After graduating from Bismarck High School, Sean joined the National Guard and went through basic training. He then went back to school and earned an English degree with the intent of going to law school.

Those plans changed when he signed up for an ROTC program in college, leading him into the Minnesota National Guard and a subsequent 22-month deployment to Iraq during the war.

In Iraq, he served as a mechanized infantry platoon leader, and was responsible for a group of more than 50 soldiers. It was a highly dangerous mission and several of his platoon members were either injured or killed while they cleared neighborhoods looking for enemy combatants.

Following his deployment, he returned to Bismarck and joined the Bismarck Police Department, where he served as a patrol officer for three years. He then took a full-time position with the N.D. National Guard and worked in the joint control center during the 2011 flood, monitoring flood recovery operations. Sean is still an active member of the National Guard and will be traveling to Ghana this summer for a two-week disaster response exercise through a state partnership program North Dakota has in place with this African country.

So we welcome Sean to the co-op and recognize that he has the skills needed to do a great job for the members in the engineering department. We also appreciate the service he has given and continues to give to our country as a  National Guardsman and soldier in the war in Iraq.

Sean and his wife Angela live in Bismarck with their three children, Connor, 8, Miles, 6, and Evelyn, 4.

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