Thanks to Rod Eckroth as he retires from the board

Rodney Eckroth

Back in 2008, Rod Eckroth was enjoying his retirement from Minnkota Power’s Milton R.Young Station in Center. Rodney had worked there for 35 years and retired as the maintenance superintendent. By 2008 he had one year into the daily fishing that retirement brought and his wife LuWanna, who was still employed, needed him to get busy with something else. Having been involved in the generation side of the energy industry for an entire career, Rod had always wanted to learn more about the in-depth workings on the distribution side. It was at that time he considered running for a board position in Capital Electric’s District 1.

Having been treated well by Minnkota as an employee, Rodney had a great impression of how cooperatives operate. Th eir focus on reliability and availability of low-cost power was the hallmark of Rodney’s positive feelings for co-ops. He was a true die-hard co-op man at this point. Winning a board seat put him in a position to both learn and share things that were important to him.

“The fi rst couple of years on the board I asked a lot of questions, learned a lot, and voiced my opinions when I felt it was needed. By the time I retired from the board, I felt qualified to voice my feelings about the future of the co-op and how things were run,” Rodney remembered. “As I leave now, I would like the membership to know that your cooperative is in very good hands, from the board of directors to the management staff and employees. It’s a tightknit group that works hard on your behalf to stay on top of a quickly changing industry.”

As Rodney leaves the board, he remembers the many co-op people he has met from around the state and will miss the feeling of being part of the co-op family. His hope for the future of the co-op is that the younger members continue to become more engaged in what their co-op is doing and where their energy is coming from. He concludes, “We, as a co-op, need to recognize the needs of our members of all ages and communicate with them in the ways that work for them. We need to engage everyone to stay informed and be part of the future of energy.”

We thank you Rodney for your dedication and your light-hearted way of keeping board meetings engaging and productive. Enjoy your “true” retirement!

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