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View & Pay Bill


A third-party bill payment service called Doxo has gained the unfavorable attention of some electric cooperatives as of late. Some co-op members have felt misled after unknowingly stumbling upon the service while searching for their co-op’s own bill payment service. Doxo’s payment pages often feature specific company logos and use the company’s name in the header of the webpage, giving it the appearance of an official payment site.

Doxo is known to charge an additional service fee for bill payments, which has come as a surprise to members who happened to miss the rather subtle notice of non-affiliation with the co-op. There have also been reports of payments being delayed and due dates being missed when paying through Doxo.

Aside from these issues, the actual payments to electric cooperatives work just fine through Doxo, and the service seems as effective as any other. However, the use of a specific electric cooperative name and logo is unauthorized and makes it appear as if the service is affiliated with the respective cooperative, when indeed, it is not. This has caused confusion and created a hassle for some users.

Capital Electric Cooperative’s official online payment services are located at www.capitalelec.comand through our SmartHub mobile app. There are no fees to use these services, and payments made through them are secure and are reflected on your account immediately.

If you make online payments using any other services, use caution. Investigate before paying to make sure the service is legitimate, and inquire about any additional fees you may be required to pay.