Water Heaters

Water Heaters

Photo of Westinghouse water heater

Capital Electric has provided electric water heaters for our members for more than 40 years. As we constantly strive for the best value in water heaters, we have selected two products, both of which are backed by a lifetime warranty.

We continue to carry the Rheem Marathon® water heater in various sizes ranging from 50 to 105 gallons. More information is available at the product website.

You can also watch this great YouTube video "How a Marathon Water Heater Works"

We also carry the HTP Westinghouse electric water heater series in various sizes ranging from 50 to 100 gallons. Click here for a detailed product brochure.

Through our off-peak load control program, Capital Electric now credits our members up to $5 per month for using any electric water heater, as a thank-you for supporting energy conservation.

Here's how our off-peak program works: At your request, the staff at Capital Electric will provide you with a load control device that your electrician can connect to your water heater. This device allows Capital Electric to remotely shut off your water heater during peak times for a minimal time period. We call this process "load control." By selecting the load control option, you will receive up to $5 per month off your electric bill and help keep overall power costs down for the cooperative as a whole. So not only is it great for you, it also benefits the rest of the co-op membership!

To find out if an electric water heater can help you become more efficient, call Josh or Jared at (701) 223-1513 for more information today.