Youth tour winner Alison Krein

Alison Krein

Alison Krein loves to travel! She has been to several states and simply enjoys seeing the country and what it has to offer. In fact, last year she won an essay contest relating to flag protection sponsored by the AMVETS Freedoms Foundation. Winners of this contest were sent on a trip to Valley Forge, Pa., to participate in a long weekend of youth-related activities.

Because of her love of travel and innate ability to write great essays, she was more than excited to write an essay for the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour contest sponsored locally by Capital Electric.
Alison explains, “I saw the article about the contest in the North Dakota Living magazine and I knew I wanted to enter. Going to Washington, D.C., is something I’ve always wanted to do. I really want to see the U.S.
Constitution and the history the city has to offer.”

Capital Electric sponsors a student from our service area in Burleigh and southern Sheridan counties for the Youth Tour each year. This year’s winner, Alison, the daughter of Darin and Ilene Krein from rural Wing, will represent the co-op on a trip to Washington, D.C., June 10-16 for the 2017 Electric Cooperative Youth Tour. Alison is a sophomore at Kidder County Steele High School.

Sponsored by electric cooperatives across the nation, the Youth Tour is an opportunity for 1,500 students to travel to our nation’s capital and experience history as they explore museums, memorials and monuments. The 16 students from North Dakota will meet others from nearly every state. They will be fortunate enough to gain life-long friendships and be part of a group that has more than 50,000 alumni in every walk of life, including U.S. senators and chief executive officers.

This year’s essay contest required students to answer the following question: “Democracy is the foundation of our American way of life and of cooperative enterprise. The fundamentals of democracy include voter participation, political party affiliation, and public debate of issues. Describe what you think makes our current democracy strong, and provide suggestions for ways our democracy can be made stronger and more effective.”

In her essay, Alison mentions that democracy is the very thing that binds us all together. It is the principle that our great nation was founded upon. She writes, “The fact that your voice can be heard no matter who you are is one reason why we continue to be one of the strongest nations in the world. Even if you are just a small-town girl from North Dakota, like me, you can play a part and contribute to the democracy.” She concludes her essay by reiterating how important it is that we keep the constitution close to our hearts, diligently follow the laws and keep the humble American spirit that our country was built upon.

Besides writing essays and going on exciting trips, Alison also has other varied interests. She and her family are avid deer hunters evidenced by trophy mounts hanging on many of the walls in their home. She is also a member of the Kidder County FFA program. “I am a huge fan of 1980s rock music, especially Def Leppard,” Alison adds with a smile. Along with her love of music, she would also like to learn how to play the guitar.

We congratulate Alison for writing such an insightful essay on the American idea of democracy and earning the opportunity to go on the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour trip. We will follow up with her when she returns from Washington, D.C., and share the highlights of her experience.

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