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Each year we welcome a group of co-op members to our office in February for our member advisory committee (MAC) meeting. This is the time for us to update those members on what is going on at the co-op. Members hear from managers and supervisors in each department and are free to ask questions they may have in specific areas.

To ensure we obtain feedback from a diverse group of our membership, we ask that members interested in serving on the MAC complete a simple application. The Board of Directors will evaluate and approve the applications in order to obtain the best overall representation of our membership.

During this meeting we ask for feedback on important topics and on decisions we need to make to benefit the membership. When CEC consolidated our transmission and substation assets with Central Power a few years ago, we ran the idea by our member advisory group first. That June, we brought the consolidation issue to the annual meeting for a vote. By educating member representatives prior to the annual meeting, we were able to spread the word about the importance of the merger in a more efficient way. This process allowed questions to be answered in advance, thereby making the voting process easier at the meeting.

If you are interested in applying to be a member of the MAC, please click here and complete the application. We will contact you once the application is received.